1st stage for a hand stand pushup?


I think Keith still has a long way to go to do a push up…  Still, it is one of his challenges 🙂

Severe storms and then ‘Summer’

I’m not sure how much you have seen/heard regarding the severe storms and hail that Europe had at the beginning of the week, but we were relatively lucky in Bagnoles.  Although there was alot of rain, and the storms were good, and the size of the hailstones were larger than normal, they were not like some areas had.  Apparently they were between a baseball and tennis ball size in some areas.  We saw the aftermath on the news as it was the headline, the damage was incredible;  I think that we can gladly say that we were lucky that we weren’t in Mika as she would have had a very sore head – some of them may well have gone straight through even though she has a reinforced roof…

However, after the storms, the last 3 days have almost been perfect summers days for us.  About 23-25C and lots of sun.  Who knows how many summer days we’ll have, so we made the most of it and had 3 consecutive BBQ’s.  And why not 🙂  We did mixed it up a bit; Chicken escalopes covered in a Dijon mustard, garlic and oil mix one evening, followed by sausages and homemade burgers the next and then Mackerel with a oil, garlic and rosemary mix this evening.  Hmm, mmm 🙂